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The Name

"The Virtuals", meaning the imaginary others (not like a friend someone would have if he were a lonely child) performing the functions of normal people as if they were really there, existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact: mainly the drummer, bass player, violinist, Pianist and so on … the rest of the "Virtual" crew that complete our 'band".

Karim :

I started playing the guitar in 2001, and soon after we formed a band called "The Echoes". A few months later, we were searching for a new vocalist (Ribal, the previous singer, had to travel), and so I met Yasser in 2002, he was the one who filled the spot. After a few trainings together, the band had to split, other members had to leave to pursue and focus on their academic careers.


I had already spent a lot of time making music on my computer, recording some instrumentals and upgrading my recording techniques simultaneously. Walid Al-Massih helped me a lot in doing so by providing me with proper software plus the experience he had. One day, I decided to do something including vocals, and I asked Yasser to write some lyrics. Just a few days later, excited as hell, he came up with a few lines and chord progressions on the guitar, called me and showed me what he did, I LOVED it and instantly started working on our first song "The Queen Of Seasons". The song came out great, chemistry was the key, and that lead to making more and more songs.


Our friend "Hadi Daher" contributed once in our work, he originally started with "Columbus’s America" and we decided to work on it together. It later became a hit!


During the preperation of "Let it Shine" (2005-2007), when I was still back in Lebanon, we used to meet every once in a while me and Yasser to work together on writing songs, and then go up to my house in Tripoli and start recording. But that doesn't work for us anymore, I'm now working as a Civil Engineer in Abu-Dhabi outside Lebanon but we're still figuring out ways to keep the flow coming. We already came up with some good material, and we’re still trying our best, the only problem now is the distance and the difficulties it causes.

Yasser :

Originally I was born in Ghana, and stayed there till I was 17. I came to Lebanon in the summer of 2001. My friend introduced me to Karim and I always thought he was a bit strange, mainly because he was always pre-occupied with his music and university assignments.



Strangely, once on the beach I was singing a song I like so much and Karim's brother Chadi asked me if I knew how to sing. A week later Chadi told me to come to a friend’s house so I could sing with their band "The Echoes". We practiced for some time but then everybody had their own thing to do. Karim had always said he had some music he had done and wanted me to try to write some lyrics based on them. I really don’t remember what happened then, but a year later he asked me again and this time he was more excited and asked me to do a whole new song. At that time I had just started learning to play the guitar, but I had some things to say. So a couple of days later I had written the first part of "The Queen of Seasons". Excited and proud of our work, we continued to make more of this music that I sincerely hope you guys like.


Karim always told me that when we would come across a proper name we ourselves would know it. And I guess he was right. Brainstorming for names, we even came up with "Incandescent Monkeys" for a name (but I’m sure you all agree with me it’s a little too zoo-ish!), so that’s how we named the band "The Virtuals".



- Debut Album "Let it Shine", released on January 19th, 2008:

01-     Columbus’s America

02-     The Queen of Seasons

03-     Smell My Feet

04-     Immature

05-     Let It Shine

06-     Feather

07-     Save Yourself

08-     To Live Again


- "Fill my Eyes" released on January 29th, 2009.


- "Free Ride" released on December 18th, 2009.

And of course more and more to come, we’ll keep you updated with downloads and lyrics so keep checking the site.